Book - Katz on Dogs
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Katz on Dogs, Hardback with jacket
Jon Katz
  • 'A commonsense guide to Training and Living with Dogs'
  • Now, in this groundbreaking new guide, Jon Katz, a leading authority on the human-canine bond, offers a powerful and practical philosophy for living with a dog, from the moment we decide to get one to the sad day when one dies...
  • Katz believes that both people and dogs are unique...
  • Katz on Dogs is filled with no-nonsense advice and answers to such key questions as,
    What are the secrets to successful housebreaking?
    What are my dogs thinking, if anything?
    How can I walk my dog instead of having her walk me?
    Can I trust my vet?

    This hardback book is in excellent like-new condition and includes the original jacket cover.

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